How strong is baclofen 10 mg

how strong is baclofen 10 mg

Spasms became so bad at night I could not sleep. Put on 10mg of Baclofen 3 times a day and now on twice a day and it has been great. When on 3 times a day. Find patient medical information for Baclofen Oral on WebMD including its uses, Some conditions may become worse when this drug is suddenly stopped. Baclofen treats muscle spasms, rigidity, and pain caused by disorders What are the differences between the drug interactions of baclofen vs. how strong is baclofen 10 mg

How strong is baclofen 10 mg - are not

Dizzy, stomach aches, sleepiness. Drug Class. Drug Status Rx. Went to my doctor and get this rubbish drug. Definitely does nothing for my headaches. I take quite a big dose, 20mg 3x a day but it has been a lifesaver for me. Stopped med immediately. I always take 10mg baclofen twice a day along with mg gabapentin. For Spasticity: "I've been taking this for the pain in my right calf for 17 days now, 5mg 3 times daily and honestly I don't feel any difference. This is just a miracle I quickly dug them out of the closet and took some! I variants. effexor alcohol where shakey and generally unwell. First evening I took only half 5mg and it had so strong effect that I started to take 5mg two times a Definitely does nothing for my headaches. Do not include any personal information or links in your review. Taking them only when I felt severe pain did nothing for me. It also makes it hard to breathe when laying down. I suppose I am allergic and it took a month of building up in my system to discover that. Compare all 44 medications used in the treatment of Muscle Spasm. I would absolutely recommend Baclofen to anyone suffering with spasms. Will up to 20 mg and then 30 mg and on. About About Drugs. My Dr prescribed Baclofen because he said I have injured my trapezius muscle. I was in a car accident and all of my back and shoulder muscles on my left side of my body work crushed. Skip to Content. I started exercising more. Baclofen almost eliminates my pain. I only needed it iw when my back pain would flair up At that time I was put on life support. I only take one 10mg more info at night but it's enough that I have no muscle pain at all.

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