Lexapro and effexor

lexapro and effexor

Snarky answer: Lexapro and Effexor might be prescribed at the same time when a doctor wants to risk giving the patient serotonin syndrome. The first head-to-head study of two antidepressants shows Lexapro is not only as effective as the popular antidepressant Effexor XR but. J Clin Psychiatry. Sep;65(9) A double-blind comparison of escitalopram and venlafaxine extended release in the treatment of major depressive.

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FYI, besides Wellbutrin, only one anti-depressant has ever really worked for me. Effexor venlafaxine can cause side effects such as decreased libido and increased blood pressure. In addition, Catanzaro noted that while amitriptyline was on the most-effective list, it was also on the least-tolerated list, and he said it's generally not considered a first-line drug for depression treatment. FDA alerts. Both impaired sex drive and caused weight gain. Unfortunately many people have completely different outcomes and may spend yrs finding the right drug for them. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. A lot of the most common side effects I've had or heard about are actually mild withdrawl symptoms caused by irregular dosing - especially the buzzy head feeling. Moderately clinically significant.

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ADHD, Depression, & Anxiety: Serotonin & Dopamine - Tutorial It's probably the combination of the 3 that is helping me. However, Dr. Depression Anxiety Social anxiety disorder Panic disorder Diabetic neuropathy nerve damage Migraine Hot flashes Obsessive-compulsive disorder Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Highly clinically continue reading. Also, if I don't take my dose at the same time every day, I feel awful - I call lexapo feeling "Whooshy". Can cause a small weight gain of pounds. lexapro and effexor

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