Switching from paxil to effexor

switching from paxil to effexor

1 Answer - Posted in: paxil, panic disorder, generalized anxiety with the Effexor -XR I had to increase my clonazepam dose and was switch to. Ive finally had enough and he wants me to switch to Effexor. But he told me I could just flat out stop taking the paxil and start the Effexor. Which I. He is in the process of changing medications under direction of psychiatrist. Just wondering if anyone has any information about what to be. He then prescribed Effexor CR I think. He is in the process of changing medications under direction of psychiatrist. If you start taking a new medication before the old tp is out of your system, you can develop a condition called serotonin syndrome SS. When my family doc suggested switching to a different SSRI, I figured it was no big deal; after all, it was the same class of drugs, affecting the same neurotransmitter, right? I had very bad withdrawl from it. It was a very difficult time for him. My SDS lasted about two weeks a typical amount of time, Everett told me. Switching Antidepressant: Article source. I think Paxil works well with depression and anxiety, but I think he was on it too long. More From Self Care. I'm now back up to mg of venlafaxine and feeling much better. I started with 75mg for one month and then increased my dose to mg. Like you I'm on clonazepam but I'm on a absolutely bupropion vs adderall are dose 7mg that I take each day and when I was taking the Paxil, I never had to take the clonazepam and was effexot of panic attack so no need to take it but with the Effexor-XR I had to increase my clonazepam dose and was switch to the Xanax at 10 mg day who is a huge dose, so let me tell you that the Effexor-XR was too much activating for me. Explore Apps. A few weeks later she resumed taking Abilify and within two weeks "everything was looking better. Good luck and take care Natasha xx. How to Switch Antidepressants Safely.

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How am I going to switch to Effexor if I can't take it with Paxil and slowly taper off, or maybe I should just ask for Lexapro or something that wouldn't effect me so bad when quitting? Sounds like you are doing quite well yourself! But about sixth months ago I started feeling off. Support Groups. Maybe you only need a break from antidepressant? You can learn more about her at www.

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This is certainly a switch. Your point that tapering off such medications can be a long process is an important one. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. Whole family is somewhat in trauma Halting the old drug and immediately starting the new drug. It's like losing weight, how ironic huh? switching from paxil to effexor If you are doing your own research please be careful. That brought on some tears, but only for a day. So, should I try to get back to the mg of venlafaxine er or should I try going back on Paxil?? Thank you for your interest. Unfortunatley I went back down hill. Learn the correct way to switch baclofen dose for muscle spasm and understand why you should never suddenly stop taking antidepressant medication. I thought it wouldn't happen to me after reading all of the posts, saitching it did. Any problems? I'm still have headaches and dizziness which I don't remember being this bad when I initially started the venlafaxine 4 months ago. He also sent a new reference paper to an external psychiatrists hospital and I'm on a waiting list ro see a new psychiatrist because apparently I'm having a personality disorder so I will have an interview with a psychiatrist and probably a diagnosis and some help for that. The Zoloft tend to be more stimulating and the Prozac as well so they are not a good choice.

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